Thiết kế thương hiệu

Thiết kế thương hiệu

Fressty brand

Fressty is a food store. Its location on 59 Hoa Hung Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Its just a little brand has a fresh identity on a traditional food (fish-cake) in my country.

Joiha brand

May bridal brand

The concept of this branding direction is: Ideas about imagination of a gorgeous wedding dress on light and flowing girl. This concept implies which silk fold, crystal shape on end of edge.

IKEA logo concept

Here is a little fresh idea I've made when taking a coffee cup in the morning today. Just for fun.

Terfar logo

Terfar is a handmade-leather bag house. The main logo ideas come from "keep walking" slogan. We hope our bags was not only a longlife-stuff, it was your friend, and be your partner on over the ways.

Valor namecard

Creative Artist brand

Khanh Nguyen brand

Prime Production logo

Pam cakes & cupcake brand

Viet Phat Logo

Eros studio brand

Smart Link Logistic brand

Hai Yen brand namecard

Fishfood store concept

Dang Hoa namecard

Thiết kế bao bì

Thiết kế bao bì

Quay phim sự kiện - Sen Viet Group

Quay phim sự kiện - Sen Viet Group